MJF Is “A Genius” Says AEW Star


A current AEW star has referred to recently returned AEW star MJF as “a genius” as he compares him to former WWE Superstar, Matt Hardy.

Wardlow was introduced to AEW audiences in late 2019 as the bodyguard to MJF. Together the two men run roughshod over most of the AEW roster with Mr. Mayhem fighting a lot of MJF’s battles for him.

The two men parted ways when Wardlow turned his back on his former boss during his bloody Dog Collar Match against CM Punk back at Revolution. Wardlow exacted revenge over MJF with a dominant win over him at Double Or Nothing but that was overshadowed by the off-screen issues between AEW and Maxwell Jacob Friedman, who apparently wanted to leave the company.

Appearing as a guest on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, Wardlow was kind enough to label his former partner as a genius while admitting that he hates the star:

“I feel like Matt is so creative and he’s reinvented himself so many times, where Jeff can just kind of get away with just being Jeff, going out there and hitting the Swanton Bomb. I kind of relate that to myself and Max. MJF has such a mind, he’s so creative. And I admittedly, I don’t have a mind like Matt and Max, they’re geniuses like true geniuses when it comes to this business.”

“I’m kind of more of a Jeff where I’m just as cool dude, you need me to go out and powerbomb somebody 10 times? Cool. Just tell me what you need me to do, I’ll go out and make it work. So I think it’s important to have that yin and yang because as much as I hate Max, he’s a genius and in our roles, he created all these things. And I just played this part, which was just being myself, so it worked.”

“But it’s wild to see some guys have the mind for it and some guys have the physical part of it, some guys are lucky and have both. And I think that’s where Matt has been so successful. He has the mind for it and the ability, so he can create this and go out and do it, which is truly special. I wish I could tap into my creative side like that.”

h/t Inside The Ropes