MJF Defends Cody Rhodes For Recent WWE Comments

MJF Cody Rhodes

MJF has defended Cody Rhodes after the WWE star came in for heavy criticism on social media.

For well over a year the AEW World Champion has openly flirted with WWE and repeatedly stated that he’ll become a free agent in 2024. The star even claimed in the build-up to Full Gear that AEW boss Tony Khan was doing his best to try and keep him, commenting there are a lot of things he likes about WWE.

Meanwhile, there are some within WWE who believe MJF has signed a new deal with AEW, although Cody Rhodes later suggested MJF will eventually land in WWE.

For his comments, Rhodes came in for criticism from the increasingly tribalistic world of social media.

Speaking in a new interview with Jimmy Traina for Sports Illustrated, the AEW World Champion came to the defence of Rhodes, and expressed his conflicted feelings on social media in general.

“I saw fans actually sh*tting on him (Cody Rhodes) when all he was saying was his opinion (about my future). It’s his opinion. I pray to God I don’t get lambasted online for some of the opinions I’m doing in this interview. I just feel like everything’s so radicalized now and hyperbolic now.

There’s certain aspects about social media I love. I think it brings people of the same like-mindedness together, I think it allows people to find their own communities. But what I hate about some of the social media is I find that hate-mongering and fear-mongering is the stuff that gets pushed the most and it’s because of this sensationalist stuff that people start believing in the sensationalized stuff and hyperbolic stuff and I can’t relate to it.

I’m a straight shooter. I say it like it is 100 percent of the time. Cody Rhodes felt that way. In Cody Rhodes’ mind and opinion, that was his way of putting over a friend, a prodigy, a former co-worker, a former protégé… So, I still talk to Cody to this day. He’s a great guy. He’s doing great things over there, I’m doing great things over here.”

MJF Denies He’s Signed A New AEW Contract

Going back to the belief that the star has signed a new contract with AEW, MJF denied this was the case.

The Salt of the Earth said he’d “never lied” about his future, reiterating that he’ll become a free agent on January 1st, 2024. He added that he hasn’t re-signed, and will assess the situation following World’s End.

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