MJF Comments On Reduced Role In The Iron Claw


MJF has revealed he’s featured in other scenes that didn’t make the final cut in The Iron Claw.

Upon its release on December 22nd in the United States, The Iron Claw received almost universally positive reviews, while the wrestling industry was quick to praise how the often divisive art form was portrayed in the movie.

The film is based on the life of Kevin Von Erich, and the tragedy that followed the Von Erich family who dominated wrestling in Dallas, Texas for decades. While Zac Efron takes the starring role, AEW World Champion MJF was also heavily involved.

The star worked as an Executive Producer and also appeared on-screen. However, his screen time is relatively brief, and it was reported there were plans for the wrestler-turned-actor to feature more heavily.

Speaking to Liam Crowley for, MJF revealed he acted in another scene that was cut from the final movie, although he understands why that decision was taken.

“There most certainly is [an extended scene]. I don’t know where it’s going to live. There was a scene where me and him were talking, but me and Sean both completely understood that listen, I want this film to succeed, and the film needed to be about the brothers.

As fun as I had shooting that scene, realistically, it didn’t add to the overarching story and the importance of the story between the brothers and what they were going through in dealing with the pressures that their father put on them. It didn’t fit in the pieces of the puzzle.”

MJF Makes Free Agency Claims

Despite a belief within WWE that he won’t be going anywhere, MJF recently denied he’s signed a new contract with AEW. The longest-reigning World Champion in AEW history reiterated that his current deal will expire on January 1st, 2024 and he’s yet to decide on his next move.

The star said he’s planning to “assess the situation” after his match with Samoa Joe at Worlds End on December 30th.