Missing WWE Star Third-Highest Paid On The Roster

WWE Logo over Raw announcers

It would seem that someone who hasn’t been seen on WWE programming since last year is still one of the company’s top earners.

Although WWE were seemingly not keen for it to happen, Randy Orton underwent surgery on a back injury in November 2022. This came about after he’d lost the WWE Tag Team Championships to The Usos back in May, and took time away from television soon after.

There are also reports that ‘The Viper’ has been advised not to return to in-ring action, whilst some are urging him to look at the opportunities for a backstage role in WWE.

However, a new report has also indicated that, despite being on the shelf, the former World Champion is ranked third on the men’s roster for salary with only Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns above him.

Dave Meltzer in The Wrestling Observer newsletter has discussed how long Randy Orton wants to continue working for, along with his salary.

Orton, 43, has always expressed the idea of wanting to work safely (and he’s got the name value and style where he can get over working safely compared to most smaller guys without the same name value) and go until he’s 50. He is believed to be one of the highest paid guys on the active roster, on the men’s side believed to be behind Reigns and Lesnar and nobody else.

Orton’s RK-Bro tag team partner Matt Riddle recently returned to programming, and has recently discussed becoming more serious now he’s back.