Miro Claims Tony Khan “Wasn’t Aware” Of Injury Status

Tony Khan & Miro split

Miro is out injured.

On March 28th, Tony Khan announced that the planned Meat Madness three-way match planned for Revolution had been postponed.

In a post on social media, Khan said the match had been pulled due to injury, and an All-Star Scramble has subsequently replaced it. During a media call ahead of Revolution, Khan was asked about Meat Madness and explained that several of the people he wanted to be involved are unavailable, so the match was postponed.

Among those mentioned were Keith Lee and Miro. While it was reported back in January that Keith Lee was set to undergo two surgeries, Miro’s status is much more unclear. The Bulgarian star hasn’t wrestled for several months after already missing much of 2023.

Posting on social media in response to the comments from Khan, the former WWE star wrote:

“I’ve been injured since September and i got medical attention in January. Sorry he wasn’t aware of it”

The comments come after it was reported that several AEW stars are frustrated with a lack of communication around creative.

When Did Miro Last Wrestle?

Miro hasn’t wrestled since defeating Andrade El Idolo at Worlds End. The match was Andrade’s last with the company before his return to WWE.

Prior to that, the star had only wrestled six times in 2023 after missing much of the year initially through injury.