Miro Shares Heartwarming Bray Wyatt Story

Miro looks to screen

AEW star Miro has recalled the first time that he met Bray Wyatt.

Before he was known as The Redeemer or as Rusev in WWE, the future TNT Champion would start his WWE career trying out for the promotion. On one of his first days, he was told by The Undertaker to get in the ring so that Wyatt could practice some moves on him.

Taking to his Instagram, Miro recounted how Wyatt looked after him during their first encounter and remembered him years later:

Man I keep writing and deleting, I don’t know what to say. But I remember how I met Bray, I met him at my tryout [in] WWE, 2010. You know, when everybody gets in the ring before the show and everyone is trying new moves and trying to figure everything out and I was just an extra on the outside.

I remember that Taker called me in the ring because Bray wanted to try some new moves and that’s how I got to meet Bray for the first time, Husky Harris at the time I believe it was. I got to sit in the corner and he gave me that big Cannonball over and over until Taker was happy with it.

But he was such a nice guy. He took care of me of course, never hurt me and never did anything. I got signed to WWE and a year later went to FCW down in Florida and I never expected anyone to remember me. I was there for a brief 30 seconds, 30 minutes, whatever it was at the try-out.

But I remember Bray as soon as he saw me he went, Hey I remember you. You were at SummerSlam I did all these moves. And it made me feel so good man, going in, new guy in WWE developmental and all you hear is that people step on toes and try to get your job and make you feel insecure as soon as you get there, especially me when I was green as the grass.

But Bray just saying that made me feel so much more welcomed. And that’s who he was, he was just a guy who made you so welcome. He was so gentle but at the same time so aggressive [in the ring]. You could have any conversation with him. A very sad day, we all love Bray.

Miro & The Wrestling World Pays Tribute To Bray Wyatt

The AEW star joins the ever-growing list of the wrestling family to share their tributes and stories of Wyatt, who tragically passed away at 36 years old. Despite never appearing for the promotion, AEW has joined WWE in also providing a tribute to the former World Champion.

In another heartwarming gesture, WWE has confirmed that all the proceeds from merchandise sales will go to support the family of Bray Wyatt.