Minoru Suzuki Bullet Train Match Makes News Worldwide

Minoru Suzuki slaps Darby Allin

Minoru Suzuki beating up people on a bullet train has caught global attention.

If The Kinks had ever seen Minoru Suzuki wrestle, they may have changed the words of Dedicated Follower of Fashion to be “he beats them here, he beats them there, in Regent Street and Leicester Square.” But they didn’t and so pop music history remains the same but it would have been quite apt following Suzuki’s recent bout which took place on a bullet train.

DDT Pro Wrestling in Japan promoted a one-match event on the shinkansen (bullet train) that saw Minoru Suzuki face Sanshiro Takagi. Wrestling legend Kenta Kobashi even got in on the action, hitting Suzuki with a vicious chop. Suzuki won the match with his trademark Gotch Style Piledriver but the bout on the train from Tokyo to Nagoya has captured attention across the world.

Minoru Suzuki makes global headlines

Footage from the bout was posted on social media by ABC News which saw Suzuki hit the Piledriver in front of the 75 fans who had bought tickets to get up close and personal with the action.

A video of the bout was also featured on the front page of the BBC’s website in the UK as it clearly captured the imagination of many news desks.

After arriving in Nagoya, Suzuki competed on DDT Pro’s Dramatic Explosion show where he teamed with the Eruption duo of Saki Akai and Yukio Sakaguchi to defeat Antonio Honda, Chris Brookes, and MAO.