Mike Rotunda Reflects On His Experience At The First WrestleMania

Mike Rotunda Reflects On His Experience At The First WrestleMania

Mike Rotunda, a member of the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2024 inductees, took a nostalgic trip down memory lane as he fondly recalled his involvement in the inaugural WrestleMania event back in 1985.

Rotunda, known for his tenure as part of The U.S. Express, shared his reflections on this historic moment during an episode of Stories With Brisco & Bradshaw. With vivid detail, he recounted the thrill of being part of such a monumental spectacle.

It was exciting. I started [in the business] at the end of 1981 and now it’s 1984 and I’m in New York because at the time there was like, the Carolinas, the Gagnes out in Minneapolis, and then New York were the three big territories. I don’t know how I got there, but that was a quick run to get there.

At WrestleMania I, The U.S. Express valiantly defended the WWE Tag Team Titles, although they ultimately succumbed to defeat against The Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff. Rotunda’s recollection of this momentous occasion serves as a testament to the significance of his journey in the realm of professional wrestling.

What Did Mike Rotunda Say About Returning To The WWE?

Mike Rotunda stated that he wouldn’t return to work for WWE “in this lifetime.” Rotunda said he is burned out after wrestling for 23 years and producing for 13, he also spoke of the injuries that he has suffered due to wrestling revealing that he has had his left hip replaced and needs to get his right hip and right knee replaced also.

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