Mike Chioda Claims Shawn Michaels’ Overselling Incident Was “Sticking It Up Vince’s A**”

Shawn Michaels

Former WWE referee Mike Chioda thinks that the relationship between Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels wasn’t as rosy as many might think.

Shawn Michaels was an enormous star in WWE during his first 1990s run and during his second run from 2002 to 2010.

It was widely believed that Michaels was a changed man after his four-year retirement. However, ased on what Mike Chioda witnessed and then described on an edition of Monday Mailbag, that wasn’t entirely true.

Chioda was the referee in the now-infamous Shawn Michaels-Hulk Hogan singles match from SummerSlam 2005. That match is mostly remembered for Michaels’ hilarious and over-the-top overselling. For many years now, fans saw Michaels’ exaggerated behavior as a dig at Hogan himself.

As it turns out, Michaels was also sending a message to Vince McMahon himself.

“You don’t tell Shawn Michaels what to do, even with Hogan in the ring. You choose to do that and oversell, that was probably something he was p***ed off with Vince and just was sticking it up Vince’s a**. He basically was [saying,] ‘I’ll do what I want to do.’”

Mike Chioda also talked about an earlier Shawn/Vince argument over Michaels not wanting to drop the Intercontinental Championship, before concluding that, “They had their [fights], but Shawn’s got a lifetime contract with them now, it’s awesome.”

h/t 411mania for the transcription