Mick Foley Recalls Part Of WWE Run That He Didn’t Enjoy

mick foley wwe title

Mick Foley had a lot of different roles in his WWE career and there is one thing that he says he didn’t enjoy.

When you’re a WWE Hall of Famer like Mick Foley that is considered one of the greatest legends in company history, you can have many different roles in the company that don’t involve wrestling.

While Foley wrestled full-time in WWE from 1996 to early 2000 (along with some more matches after that), he also had different roles in the company like the WWE Commissioner, the General Manager of Raw, he has been a special guest referee many times and he was even an announcer on Smackdown too.

Starting with the WWE Backlash pay-per-view in April 2008 until early August 2008, Mick Foley was a Smackdown announcer alongside Michael Cole. Due to his unhappiness in the role, Foley was removed from commentary and he left WWE when his contract expired in September 2008.

During a Q&A on a recent episode of his Mick Foley Is Pod podcast, the Hardcore Legend said he didn’t like being on commentary due to how Vince McMahon would yell at his announcers.

“You try to learn from everything you do, and I hope Mr. McMahon learned from that experience. You know, you don’t need to ride your announcers so much. You don’t have to micromanage everything that they do.”

“I think it’s counter-productive, and especially when it comes to yelling. That’s not the way I perform best.”

While Mick Foley thinks he did a pretty good job as a WWE announcer, he admitted that he didn’t enjoy it.

“I tried it, I think I did a pretty good job.”

“I learned from it. I did not enjoy it.”

H/T WrestlingInc