Mick Foley Names WWE & AEW Stars He’d Like To Face Today

mick foley wwe title

Mick Foley has very likely wrestled his last match as a pro wrestler, but he did recently name current superstars that he would like to wrestle if he was still active.

During his incredible WWE Hall of Fame career as a wrestler, Mick Foley was known for putting his body on the line whether he was wrestling as Mankind, Cactus Jack, Dude Love or using his own name. As a wrestler, Foley was a three-time WWE Champion and also held the TNA World Title as well.

Foley was also known for being one of the best talkers in the business that could be serious or funny depending on the situation. That’s also why he had many different roles in his post-wrestling career in WWE including his time as the Commissioner and the General Manager of Raw as well.

Recently during the “Foley Is Pod” podcast, the man known for using the Mandible Claw as a finishing move talked about current wrestlers that he would love to wrestle if he was wrestling today:

“I would love to work with [Jon] Moxley.”

There was actually a plan for Foley to wrestle Moxley at SummerSlam 2012, but Foley was not medically cleared to compete.

Another wrestler that Foley mentioned is known for having a big beard just like Foley has.

“Bray Wyatt, I imagine the promos could be really cool.”

While Wyatt is known for being a physically imposing wrestler like Foley is, the Hardcore Legend also named two smaller guys – one from WWE and another from AEW.

“And I always liked working with people who had polar opposite styles of mine, so somebody like Darby Allin and Ricochet.”

The last time Foley wrestled was at Royal Rumble 2012 when he was the seventh wrestler in the match, eliminated three guys and lasted 6:34 before Cody Rhodes eliminated him from the match.

One of Foley’s most common opponents in his career was The Undertaker, which led to Foley recently talking about how he was spewing blood after taking a Chokeslam from The Undertaker after a match.

H/T WrestlingINC