Mick Foley Discusses What Wrestlers Should Be Doing During Promos

Mick Foley on the mic

Mick Foley has given his thought process when he was delivering wrestling promos while explaining what wrestlers should be doing when they talk.

During his incredible WWE Hall of Fame career, Mick Foley portrayed multiple characters that were all very different.

Foley was first known worldwide as Cactus Jack in WCW, which is not the gimmick he brought to WWE. Instead, Vince McMahon decided to put a mask on Foley and named him Manked. We did get to Cactus Jack in WWE while Dude Love also appeared as more of a fun-loving Foley character. As he got older, Foley also used his real name as a wrestler as well.

While some fans might think of Foley for his willingness to put his body on the line and take crazy bumps like getting thrown off the cell through a commentary table or landing hard on the concrete floor, Foley is also known for being one of the best promo guys ever as well.

During a recent episode of the Hardcore Legend’s Foley is Pod podcast about WCW SuperBrawl III, Foley revealed that he never practiced a promo.

“I never practiced a promo. I had them in my head, usually cutting them in the car. Sometimes I would cut them at the gym.”

As he continued, Mick Foley explained that some people close to him could tell when he was thinking about a promo.

“There were two tells, fingers twitching, right eye twitching. [My wife] would tell me people would be staring at me because a few minutes would go by and I’d be lost in my own world.”

“Then she’d tap me on the shoulder and say, ‘You’re cutting promos, aren’t you’.”

Mick Foley added when delivering a promo, it’s all about building up whoever you are feuding with.

“You’re looking to draw money with your promo, but on another level, you’re also looking to build your character and you need to build the guys you’re working with even more so that, win, lose, or draw, you’re doing it against the best person possible.”

This would lead to Mick Foley giving his opinion on what a wrestler should be doing when they get a chance to talk.

“It always got to me when someone would dismiss his opponent as being a joke or piece of garbage. Because then the old adage is if that’s the case and you win, you beat a piece of garbage. If you lose, you lost to a piece of garbage.”

“So, you’re trying to build up your opponent without making it absolutely clear to everybody that’s your intention.”

H/T Inside The Ropes