Michael Cole The Greatest Of All Time Says WWE Talent

Michael Cole WWE

Michael Cole was once the most loathed man in WWE but for one announcer in the company, Cole is simply the G.O.A.T.

Michael Cole has been at WWE’s announce desk for a quarter of a century. During that time he has been joined by WWE Hall of Famers such as Jerry Lawler, JBL, and Booker T and for some of that time, he has been a hated heel which led to one of the worst WrestleMania matches of all time when he took on Lawler.

For some, Cole has never lived up to the titans of the industry, particularly Jim Ross, whom he took over from as the main voice of WWE. However, in recent times, Cole’s experience has come to be more appreciated and he seems an announcer reborn without Vince McMahon in his ear, Michael Cole has noted he feels more trust from the new regime running WWE and seems to be having more fun than ever joined at the desk by Pat McAfee.

WWE Name Doesn’t Want To Be Michael Cole

Speaking to TV Insider, NXT announcer Vic Joseph has spoken of how highly he rates Michael Cole, calling the WWE veteran the greatest:

Michael Cole is the greatest of all time. I’ll say it again. He is the greatest of all time. I’ve learned so much from him. Here’s the thing about Michael Cole. He doesn’t want me to be Michael Cole. He doesn’t want Corey Graves to be Michael Cole.

We all have our own distinct voices. It’s how you as a listener hear it. When I went to NXT, I didn’t want to be Mauro [Ranallo]. I don’t want to be Michael Cole. I want to be myself. But if you’re the greatest of all time why would you not want to pick a few things from them?

There is no quarterback in the world that’s not looking at Tom Brady’s mechanics or Patrick Mahomes’ footwork. If you don’t study people who are the greatest, I think it’s foolish if you don’t. I will take as much as I can from Michael Cole and Corey Graves, for that matter, and mould it into my own. Then hopefully get to their level.

Michael Cole is currently Monday Night Raw’s play-by-play announcer with Pat McAfee by his side. Cole is likely to remain the voice of the red brand when Raw heads to Netflix in 2025.