Mercedes Mone Sends Message Of Support To Bayley Ahead Of WrestleMania

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Mercedes Mone is pulling for Bayley.

At WrestleMania 40, Bayley will look to become Women’s Champion for the first time since 2020. To add even more emotional weight to the situation, the Royal Rumble will meet IYO SKY — the woman she hand-picked to be part of Damage CTRL back in 2022.

The group had been as close as close could be, but Bayley was kicked out of the faction she helped create leaving her with even more motivation to take down the champion.

In a post on social media ahead of WrestleMania Sunday, Bayley’s real-life best friend Mercedes Mone sent her a message of support.

Be so good they can’t ignore you because yoU we’re born to do this @itsBayleyWWE


Bayley was one of several WWE stars on hand when Mercedes Mone made her AEW debut in March.

Was Mercedes Mone Factored Into Bayley Plans?

Ahead of WrestleMania, a new report gave an insight into WWE’s original plans for Damage CTRL and put to bed rumours involving Mone. Despite a great deal of speculation, there were never plans for Mercedes Mone to team up with Bayley upon returning to WWE. Bayley’s feud with Damage CTRL began before Mone arrived in AEW leading to speculation a huge reunion in WWE could take place.

Instead, WWE’s creative actually team wanted Charlotte Flair to link back up with her fellow Horsewoman. However, when Flair suffered a nasty knee injury, those plans went out of the window.