Rumor Killer On What Mercedes Moné Is Earning In NJPW

mercedes mone njpw pose

There have been rumors about how much Mercedes Mone was earning in NJPW, but some new details have emerged noting her deal isn’t as lucrative as what Chris Jericho got.

At Wrestle Kingdom 17 last month, Mercedes Mone made her NJPW debut as she confronted the IWGP Women’s Champion KAIRI.

On Saturday, February 18th at the NJPW Battle of the Valley event in San Jose, California, Mercedes Mone will make her NJPW in-ring debut when she challenges KAIRI for the IWGP Women’s Championship. The two women worked together in WWE when their names were Sasha Banks and Kairi Sane.

In mid-December 2022, Chris Jericho tweeted about a report regarding the kind of money he was making in NJPW with Jericho noting that reports about his earnings were wrong.

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer commented on the rumors regarding what Mercedes Mone makes in NJPW while noting that she is not making close to what Jericho was making.

“The story that was going around that Mercedes Mone was making more than Chris Jericho made here (in NJPW) is incorrect. It’s not even close. The money is not at the level she could get with WWE or AEW. It’s certainly very good money on a per appearance basis, but that would tell you she’s doing it for the experience and “bucket list” idea of wanting to at one point in her prime work against the top Japanese women wrestlers in Japan.”

“She also has far more freedom to explore acting or other businesses than she would under the WWE umbrella, but the AEW schedule and AEW itself is pretty lenient in allowing talent to pursue acting ventures on their own. The difference is if she were to sign with AEW it would have to be a three-year minimum commitment meaning she could not return to WWE for three years, and I’m relatively sure AEW isn’t going to open itself up at this point for another William Regal kind of a deal where a guy comes in and then has the option in some form to leave quickly.”

“Another aspect are what the terms were for her WWE release, if it was unconditional meaning she can work anywhere, or if there were restrictions (AEW) on places she could go. It is notable she only has a few dates with New Japan and Stardom and hasn’t chosen to work for any other promotions.”

As for her upcoming match, Mercedes Mone seems very ready for it.