Mercedes Mone Reveals If She Has Creative Control In AEW

Mercedes Mone AEW Promo

Mercedes Mone revealed an interesting detail about the contract she has with All Elite Wrestling.

It was in early 2024 when it was confirmed that Mercedes Mone was heading to AEW. Her official debut took place on the Big Business episode of AEW Dynamite in Mone’s hometown of Boston.

Mercedes Mone won her first AEW Championship in her first match for the company when she defeated Willow Nightingale at May’s Double or Nothing PPV to become the TBS Champion. Mone has only wrestled three matches in her AEW career so far and has won all three of those matches.

In an interview with TMZ, Mone revealed that she works closely with AEW’s Owner, CEO, GM and booker Tony Khan while also adding that she has creative control. It’s rare for talent in today’s era of pro wrestling to have creative control, but according to Mone, she has that in AEW.

“I feel like here at AEW, all of my dreams and opportunities are just endless, so of course, being the TBS Champion, and this Sunday at Forbidden Door, I’m about to be a two-time champion.”

“I’m going to be the TBS Champion and the New Japan Strong Champion, so yes, this little creativity that I have of taking all the belts and going global is beautiful. I got this [championship]. I think just every single week you got to watch. Yes, I have AEW creative control, but I work with Tony Khan very closely, so it’s great. It’s a great combo.”

As mentioned by Mone above, she’ll be facing Stephanie Vaquer of CMLL in a Champion vs. Champion match at the AEW-NJPW Forbidden Door PPV on June 30th. It’s a Winner Take All match where Mone will put the TBS Championship on the line against Vaquer’s NJPW Strong Women’s Championship.

Mercedes Mone Focusing On AEW Career Rather Than A Return To WWE

During the same interview with TMZ, Mercedes Mone was also asked about a possible WWE return. As Sasha Banks in WWE, Mone was one of the most successful women’s wrestlers in the history of the company that did it all in terms of winning titles and even headlining WrestleMania as well. Mone made it clear that she’s happy where she is.

“I have everything I want right now, so I’m happy. Make sure everybody watch this Sunday’s Forbidden Door live on pay-per-view, or come get tickets at Ticketmaster.”

In another interview, Mone declined to reveal details of her May 2022 WWE departure while suggesting she may write about it in a future book about her life.

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