Mercedes Mone Reacts To Being Confronted At AEW Forbidden Door

Mercedes Mone

Mercedes Mone had some strong words to say about the long-distance staredown she had at the AEW-NJPW Forbidden Door PPV.

During her AEW career so far, Mercedes Mone has had two pay-per-view matches and in both of those matches, she left with a new championship.

The AEW-NJPW Forbidden Door PPV saw Mercedes Mone capture the NJPW Strong Women’s Championship while also retaining her TBS Championship against Stephanie Vaquer. It was a Winner Take All scenario that ended when Mone trapped Vaquer in a Crossface submission to win the match.

After the match, Dr. Britt Baker’s familiar music played. The popular former AEW Women’s Champion who is also a dentist got a huge ovation from the crowd. There was an impressive pyro display for Baker, who stared at Mone from a distance while Mone was holding up her two titles in the ring. Baker walked to the back without having a physical altercation.

Mercedes Mone Issues A Warning To Britt Baker

At the post-Forbidden Door press conference, Mone referred to Baker as a “bi**h” while also issuing a warning.

“I know a certain bi**h wanted to come out and decided to steal my spotlight tonight, right? But that’s not gonna happen because I’m gonna party all night long and show her that I am Mercedes Moné for a reason, and there’s a price to pay when you interrupt me. Tonight was about me and my celebration. Who the hell does Britt Baker think that she is?”

“She wants to show up to my show? I understand that she is the first-ever women’s signing here in AEW, but Tony, am I correct that I am the biggest free agent that you’ve ever signed here. [Tony Khan agrees] So this Wednesday at Dynamite, to any woman who wants to come out here and steal my spotlight, it’s on.”

The next time AEW heads to pay-per-view is at All In London on August 25th. That could also be the night when Mone faces Baker for the first time.

H/T Wrestlezone