Mercedes Mone & Bayley Leap To WWE Star’s Defense

Bayley Mercedes Mone

Both Mercedes Mone and Bayley have shown their support for WWE star Dana Brooke following the reaction she received on NXT.

Brooke recently returned to NXT on the 6th of June where she entered the battle royal to find a new number one contender for Tiffany Stratton’s NXT Women’s Championship. Ultimately, Brooke made it to the final three before Thea Hail eliminated both her and Cora Jade to pick up the win.

At NXT Gold Rush, Cora Jade and Dana Brooke went one-on-one in a match that ended when the referee decided that Brooke could not continue as she was trapped in Jade’s single leg Boston Crab. Despite Jade’s status as a heel, the move got big cheers from the NXT crowd which continued when she was declared the winner of the bout notwithstanding the fact that Brooke refused to give up.

Responding to that reaction on social media, Dana Brooke wrote:

“Alright I get it, y’all think I suck….Got it, NOTED, Awesome….. &…..”

Now NJPW star Mercedes Mone, who previously competed in WWE as Sasha Banks, and her former tag team partner Bayley have also come to Brooke’s defense.

Mone wrote on social media:

“You’re such a hidden gem Dana!”

While Bayley had a message for the star’s critics:

“They’re idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”