Mercedes Moné Attends AEW All In London, Tony Khan Comments

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Mercedes Moné was shown in attendance at AEW All In London, which led to Tony Khan addressing what she was doing there.

At AEW All In London on Sunday on the Zero Hour Pre-Show, the cameras showed former IWGP Women’s Champion Mercedes Mone in the crowd watching the show. Mercedes was best known as Sasha Banks in WWE, but she has been using the name Mercedes Mone since January of this year.

Moné was shown during the main roster portion of the event as well but never appeared ringside or anywhere near there.

The presence of Mercedes Moné led to all kinds of wild speculation online about whether she has signed with AEW or if she would be involved in the Women’s Title match on the show.

Unfortunately, Mercedes is not able to wrestle right now since she had ankle surgery about three months ago. There are some fans that posted pictures of her at All In showing that she had a walking boot on her leg.

Earlier this year, Mercedes wrestled for New Japan for the first time and also for Stardom. She has been mentioned on AEW TV in the past but never appeared on their show until All In. It was reported by Fightful Select that Mercedes is “open” to appearing for AEW while one source was optimistic about it. Another source spoke as if a deal was in the works.

Tony Khan Explains Why Mercedes Moné Was At AEW All In London

At the AEW All In London press conference, the new AEW Women’s Champion Saraya was answering questions with AEW CEO, GM & Head of Creative Tony Khan when he was asked about Mercedes Moné being at the show.

“She’s not cleared, Mercedes Mone. So I think it was great to have her here. She last competed for NJPW, so I thought it would be excellent to have one of the top international stars in all of pro wrestling here. And the last time we saw Mercedes Mone compete, she was actually competing against our own Willow Nightingale. And there’s a lot of exciting international pro wrestling, I thought it’d be great to have here to see all the matches, including the AEW Women’s World Championship.”

“But she’s not cleared since her injury. I just thought it’d be good to have her take in the show. Definitely a lot of potential things could happen there, and I know New Japan Pro Wrestling has had great experiences working with her, and I thought it’d be great given that she’s not cleared but wanted to take in the biggest paid pro wrestling crowd of all time and see what AEW’s all about.”

“I thought it’d be good for her to be here. But obviously she’s not wrestling or cleared or doing anything any time soon. But great to have the top international stars at a top international show. And of course, for the World Champion here, there’s all kinds of people who want to take a shot.”

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