Matt Riddle Shows Off Interesting New Look

matt riddle wwe promo bro

A photo on social media posted by Matt Riddle has revealed that the WWE superstar has altered his look a bit in his time away from the company.

When it comes to Matt Riddle, WWE fans know the former US Champion and Raw Tag Team Champion to be a unique guy. Riddle is known for making marijuana references during promos (even on his shirts too), saying the word “bro” every time he can, and of course, riding on a scooter everywhere he goes.

It was two months ago on the December 5th episode of Raw when WWE fans last saw Riddle after Solo Sikoa destroyed him during a post match attack on Raw. Solo used a steel chair as part of the attack that saw Solo do a running hip attack while the chair was wrapped around Riddle’s neck. Riddle sold it like he had a serious throat injury.

Following the storyline injury to write Riddle off TV, there was a report noting that Riddle failed a second drug test and that meant WWE wanted Riddle to go to rehab, which Riddle did.

There were conflicting reports about when Riddle may return to WWE because initially, the company said it would be about six weeks, which would put him back on TV in time for the Royal Rumble, but obviously Riddle was not part of last week’s Premium Live Event.

Since Matt Riddle has failed two drug tests, it is believed that he had to sit out for at least 60 days per WWE’s drug policy, which means he can likely return to TV as soon as this week since the suspension began two months ago.

While he’s been away from WWE, Matt Riddle posted about getting a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He also added a “grill” to his look with some silver teeth. He showed off the new look in posts on Twitter and Instagram.

Whether the new “grill” makes it to TV with Matt Riddle is unknown also, but we will find out whenever he returns to WWE in the near future.