Matt Riddle Tells All On Infamous Seth Rollins WWE Raw Remarks

Matt Riddle Seth Rollins

Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins do not like each other and that was never more evident than on one episode of WWE Raw where things got personal quickly.

Ahead of their match at Clash at the Castle in September 2022 the personal rivalry between Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins took an unexpected turn on Raw when the two men sat down for an interview. After the segment was apparently over, Seth Rollins brought up Riddle’s divorce and kids while an irate Riddle dropped f-bombs as he threatened to smash Rollins’ face in.

The moment was like few others on WWE TV due to the personal nature and the language – although censored – used, meaning that it caught fire with fans who were desperate to see the two men tear it up. In the end, Rollins defeated Riddle in Cardiff, Wales but Riddle got his win back over Rollins in a Fight Pit match one month later at Extreme Rules.

Matt Riddle Told Seth Rollins To Make Personal Jabs

Speaking on Signed By Superstars, Matt Riddle explained that as well as the comments made by Rollins being scripted, he was the one who told the current World Heavyweight Champion to make them:

Not only was it scripted, I told Seth Rollins to say it. I go, ‘There is already all this flack and whatever crap going on. Sure. I abandoned my family.’ I got divorced and kicked out of my house, and my son’s pee-wee football coach was living there two days later when my kids called me. I guess I’m a really bad person, but whatever, dude.

Matt Riddle’s recent claims about WWE have been debunked by Dave Meltzer after Riddle claimed he was set to win the men’s 2022 Royal Rumble before Brock Lesnar had other ideas.

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