Matt Riddle Recalls Forgetting His Lines On WWE TV

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Matt Riddle has revealed what he was supposed during a backstage WWE Raw segment gone wrong.

During his WWE career, especially when Vince McMahon was running the show, Matt Riddle was oftentimes featured delivering bizarre promos to reflect his “Bro” character as the friendly neighborhood stoner of WWE.

There were many times on Raw when Riddle was featured in backstage segments where would he ramble about the strangest things while other people like his eventual tag team partner Randy Orton would be frustrated by it and tell him to shut up.

Following his WWE release in September 2023, Matt Riddle has opened up more about some of the things that happened during his WWE run.

On the March 29th, 2021 edition of Raw, Riddle had a backstage segment while he was the US Champion and he was talking to the Raw Women’s Champion Asuka. It was quickly evident that Riddle forgot his lines and asked Asuka if people in Japan would like his scooter. Asuka said yes and Riddle moved on.

Matt Riddle Explains What Went Wrong With Raw Promo

During a virtual signing with Signed By Superstars, Riddle did his best to explain what went wrong.

“Let’s talk about that promo. One, usually when they go live, they tell you. Sometimes, you go through a couple of rehearsals beforehand. I had the scooter, they gave it to me and said, ‘We don’t want to see you. Go 20 yards that way and roll down.’ I rolled down, and I didn’t know it was live TV.”

“The promo they originally had was me talking about how I had been to Japan before, which I hadn’t, and how I would go to underground robot fights and I was going to ask Asuka if scooters would be a big hit in Japan. Yeah, I forgot everything. I forgot everything when I rolled up.”

“I scoot back to the locker room. Me and Randy [Randy Orton] didn’t really talk, I guess Randy didn’t really like me when I first started working there because I am who I am. Randy comes up to me and goes, ‘I don’t know if that s**t was planned, but that was your best promo yet.'”

At least Riddle was praised by The Viper for delivering his best promo yet. The two men would go on to become WWE Raw Tag Team Champions as RK-Bro.

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