Matt Riddle Clarifiies Past Remarks Regarding Brock Lesnar

Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle has clarified his comments about Brock Lesnar’s backstage influence within WWE.

Riddle had recently suggested that he was scheduled to win the 2022 Royal Rumble before Brock Lesnar stepped and plans were swiftly changed.

The former WWE Intercontinental Champion has clarified those remarks, however, in a recent appearance on ‘The Kurt Angle Show’, noting that plans often change in wrestling:

“Brock Lesnar doesn’t write the script. Anybody that’s been in the back knows people can be very influential. And I’m not gonna say I was guaranteed to win because anybody that’s wrestled in WWE knows nothing’s guaranteed.

I had a United States title that I was supposed to keep that I lost, me and Randy Orton were supposed to turn on each other, we didn’t. A lot of things are told to you and don’t happen, and other things happen. But yes, at one point, I was told it was a possibility and that I was gonna do a triangle to Brock and this and that.”

Riddle would go on to confirm that he had no hard feelings for Lesnar, despite ‘The Beast Incarnate’ wishing to be used in a featured position:

“When Brock came in the back, and Brock is Brock, I have no hard feelings. He just did the job to Bobby. He goes, ‘Hey, you guys got to do business for me. I did this good business for Bobby, and we do good business for me.’.

And we’re like, ‘All right, what are you’re gonna do,’ and everybody was like, ‘Okay,’ and that’s what we did. We sat in, and we did our jobs.”

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