Matt Hardy Reveals Which Other Finishers He’d Like To Adopt

Matt Hardy, Twist Of Fate

Matt Hardy has discussed what other finishers he’d like to utilize now – and given the reason why he wouldn’t use others.

Whatever incarnation of Matt Hardy it’s been, we’ve become very accustomed to seeing him hit the Twist Of Fate in order to get the three count. However, he has recently opened up on a couple more finishing manoeuvres which he considers cool and could use.

In the most recent edition of his Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy podcast, the multi-time Tag Team Champion admitted that the Stunner and the Unprettier appeal to him, although there’s also a certain type of move he’d rule out at this stage of his career.

I mean, I don’t know if there’s another finisher I would specifically want to do. I mean, there’s, like a lot of cool different finishers that I think would be fun to use. I mean, even like to use the Unprettier or the Stone Cold Stunner, you know, whatever, maybe. I don’t want to do any finish or where I have to jump off the top rope anymore, I can tell you that. My hips would never allow that. But no, those are a couple of moves, the Unprettier and the Stone Cold Stunner, I’d be down with doing both of those.

Matt Hardy can currently be seen on AEW programming teaming with Private Party, calling the trio The Hardy Party. Hardy has also been providing updates on his brother Jeff, who has been in rehab and is awaiting a return to the squared circle.

With thanks to Inside The Ropes for the transcription.