Matt Hardy On Vince McMahon Wishing He’d Puked More During Infamous Vomit Segment

Vince McMahon

Matt Hardy has an interesting Vince McMahon story that confirms the former WWE’s owner’s obsession with bodily functions.

Vince McMahon has long been known to find toilet humor especially funny. After all, he hired a guy almost solely on his ability to vomit on command. Things like puking, farting, and diarrhea have been seen in many (in)famous backstage skits over the years in WWE.

But one wrestler has given extensive detail into how much prep goes into one of these segments. On his Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, Matt explained how Vince McMahon asked him to puke on MVP following a pizza-eating contest.

Vince McMahon initially wanted it to be hotdogs but MVP refused for personal reasons and so it was changed to a pizza-eating contest. The idea behind the angle would see MVP win but Matt would win in the end by eating so fast that he’d puke on MVP.

“Vince goes over to me and said ‘So what I’m seeing here is you’re eating and, maybe MVP does kind of win this but you’re gonna win in the end because you ate this pizza so fast. You’re gonna puke on him. People are gonna f*cking love it.’

I said ‘Excuse me?’ [Vince said] ‘Yeah, you know, you’re downing these pizzas, and you’ve tired eat so fast. You’re resilient, you will not die. You’re gonna beat him in this pizza contest dammit. And you don’t, you don’t necessarily win. But you win in the big scheme of things because you puke on him, how degrading is that to have a man puke on you?’ He’s popping himself.

So then we’re sitting there and I said, Okay, let me get the prop guy. Vince said [to me] ‘Do you think you could make yourself throw up?’ And I said ‘I don’t know. But if I’m gonna do it, I really want to commit to it.’ And I said, ‘let me talk to the prop guy. And I said ‘Dude, I was looking it up online, and there’s some stuff that you can take, they can help you regurgitate. So can you get this stuff for me and mix it up and do whatever?’

So we made this special little mix. He [the prop guy] said, Okay, take it 30 minutes before whatever. So I drink this stuff, it is f*cking terrible. My stomach’s upset. We’re eating and I eventually get to that point where I do regurgitate on him a little bit. There’s a little bit of puke and it’s more spit than anything else.”

Matt committed to the angle and vomited on MVP as Vince commanded. But it came at a cost, and then the reaction wasn’t what Matt expected.

“For the remainder of that night, I was throwing up all night, sick as f*ck all night from all that stuff I took.”

“[What did Vince say afterwards?] ‘That was good sh*t pal. I wish we could have got more puke though.’ Of course. Right? ‘Yeah, I think that next time, I wish we could have had a little more.’ I was a little minimal, but it was good sh*t.”

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