Matt Hardy On Possible Hardys Match Against Edge & Christian One More Time

Adam Copeland

With rumors suggesting that Edge might be AEW bound, Matt Hardy, one of his most famous opponents, is already thinking about reigniting that rivalry.

On the August 18th episode of SmackDown, Edge celebrated the 25th anniversary of his WWE debut. However, while the show ended in celebration after he won his match with Sheamus, the news that came out afterwards suggested something else.

It was reported that Edge wasn’t able to negotiate favorable terms with WWE and so he didn’t renew his contract with them. Given that news, speculation has since come out suggesting that he might be heading towards AEW.

If this does come true, he will already have an old friend and an old foe waiting for him in Matt Hardy, who discussed the matter on his Extreme Life podcast.

“If he isn’t going to re-sign or re-up with WWE, I think he has more left in him and I could see him coming to AEW, especially on a lighter schedule, maybe getting a little more say and kind of what you do. I could see that happening. I think there’s a possibility he could end up here. I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility.

It’s so crazy because I have said many times before, people said, and as my son would say, ‘If your last, last, last, final, final, final, final, final, final, final, final match, who would the opponents be against? Who would your opponents be? Who would it be against’, and Edge and Christian is almost the first answer that kind of comes off the top of my head is what rolls off my tongue because we are literally the two teams that made one another and I feel like it would be great to go out with that as like a last match.”

Matt Hardy has a long history with Edge

Edge and Matt Hardy faced off many times over the decades but their most famous matches were the hardcore tag matches between late 1999 and mid-2001. Some of these highest-regarded matches include the ladder match between E&C and the Hardyz at No Mercy 1999, the triangle ladder match at WrestleMania 2000, and TLC I and II.

The feud between these two wrestlers would take a more personal and controversial turn in 2005 when Hardy’s then-girlfriend Lita cheated on him with Edge while Matt was at home recuperating and this turned into an on-screen storyline that helped turn “the Rated-R Superstar” into one of the most despicable heels of the 2000s.

h/t WrestleTalk