Matt Hardy Shares What John Cena Told The Hardy Boyz Following WrestleMania 33 Return

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Matt Hardy has shared what John Cena gave The Hardy Boyz when they made their triumphant return to the company at WrestleMania 33.

It was one of the loudest pops in WWE history in 2017 at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando. There was a tag team Ladder Match for the Raw Tag Team Titles with The New Day appearing on the stage as the hosts of that year’s WrestleMania. At that moment, The New Day trio informed the audience that there was a fourth team added to the ladder match.

That’s when some very familiar music hit as Jeff & Matt Hardy made their entrance to a thunderous ovation. In a match that also involved Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson, Cesaro & Sheamus and Enzo Amore & Big Cass, it was The Hardy Boyz who left the show as the Raw Tag Team Champions.

While the rest of The Hardy Boyz last run in WWE wasn’t that memorable overall, nobody is ever going to forget that WrestleMania 33 return.

On a recent The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, Matt recalled what 16-time WWE Champion John Cena told the Hardy Boyz following their return to the company.

“Yeah, I remember we came up, it was a slap of the hand and a hug and he said welcome back home. That was from John, and John, very much a company guy, you know, when he was going to be the top guy that WWE kind of was building their brand around. He was going to be a company guy, and he was going to, you know, see WWE as his home.”

As he continued, Matt Hardy added that he couldn’t see John Cena leaving WWE for another company.

“I couldn’t see him going anywhere else because that was his home. He takes a lot of pride in still coming back and doing WWE stuff, even though he’s like this, you know, amazing actor who’s doing all these great projects all around the world.”

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