Matt Hardy Explains How Creative Has Changed In AEW

Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy has pulled the curtain back a little on how the creative process in AEW has changed over the last few years, and who his “go-to guy” is.

With the move to having three national weekly television shows to produce, there’s always going to be a devolution of power in a wrestling company, and AEW is no different. Coming out of the “pandemic era” things quickly grew, and it’s something Matt Hardy has noticed all too well.

In a discussion on his Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy podcast, the multi-time Tag Team Champion opened up on how it’s changed from being Tony Khan solely that you go to, to there being a team.

It is very interesting because when this place first started, usually you would speak to Tony,” Hardy recalls. “That’s how it started, especially back in the pandemic era when we were just in Jacksonville everyone was in the same area every single week for the same amount of time. Now they have started filling out the system a little bit, and they’re making things work a little more smoothly. There’s Tony here, and then there’s a couple of guys underneath him. They’re also putting in guys that are almost like writers or guys who keep track of the angles and all the stories on the show. So, it depends.

Continuing on, Hardy confirmed that QT Marshall was one of the main people he would run things through.

You go to a different guy that’s kind of considered your guy. QT [Marshall] has done a lot of the work with myself and Ethan Page and Isiah [Kassidy], and Jeff [Hardy], so it would probably be QT that would be our starting point. QT or Sonjay [Dutt].

Has Ethan Page Storyline Gone To Plan?

Later in the discussion, Matt Hardy talked about his recent involvement with ‘All Ego’ Ethan Page, and how he’s pleased with the way things have run to plan.

What we have happening right now is what we decided to do after I joined him. From day one, this was our plan all the way through. So I’m pretty happy that it was able to run this course, and it didn’t get changed. It didn’t go off track, and Ethan is getting great reactions as a babyface, so I’m very happy with where it’s at.

Matt Hardy has had a different kind of battle on his hands as of late, due to his verbal sparring with Jim Cornette.

With thanks to Fightful for the transcription.