Matt Hardy Recalls First Time Meeting The Undertaker

The Undertaker

AEW star Matt Hardy has recalled his earliest memory of coming across The Undertaker, saying he came backstage “looking like such a gangster.”

The Undertaker maintained his place towards the top of the WWE card for 30 years, leaving behind a legacy like no other in the wrestling business.

Speaking on his Extreme Life podcast, Matt Hardy – who began his own WWE career as an enhancement talent – recalled his first experience of seeing The Undertaker backstage:

“You know, people talk about BSK. That’s Yoko and The Godwin’s and Rikishi and Godfather. They were as thick as thieves at the time.

“I remember when we first came to do enhancement work at WWE, I remember the first time we saw Undertaker walk, he literally walked in with his hat, these blackout shades. He had on all black and had a long black trench coat, not a gimmick coat, a regular trench coat.

“We heard them talking about how they’d been out real late last night and had been a big party night or whatever. But he came in looking like such a gangster.

“You know, like, holy sh*t, this guy’s like, he’s f**king the legit deal. He’s really cool, and he’s rocking the look, and he acted very stoic, and he was very quiet.

“He very much maintained his presence around outsiders, I guess so to say. Probably would cut loose if he was just in a locker room with all the regular talents on the roster. But like if he would come around to TV and there were TV people there, there were extras there, he kind of stayed in gimmick more than most people would.”

The Undertaker is bringing his one-man show to Las Vegas and Los Angeles ahead of WrestleMania 39 which takes place on the 1st and 2nd of April.

h/t Inside The Ropes