Matt Hardy Addresses “Cursed” Rivalry With AEW Star

Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy debuted for AEW in March 2020 just as the world shut down due to the pandemic and if the star was rueing his luck then, he had yet to face off with Sammy Guevara.

Guevara and Hardy engaged in an entertaining feud throughout 2020 but if there was ever a wrestling rivalry that defined the term ‘snake bit’ this was it.

Speaking on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the star explained that he believes that he and Guevara did some good stuff but there was a legitimate problem when The Spanish God threw a chair directly at Hardy’s head:

“I mean, we did a lot of really good stuff in that program, it was almost, you know, cursed was a word. A lot of people say snake bitten, and it’s just the thing he did with the chair, he just quickly overreacted when he threw it at me. And, you know, we went to the back, and we squashed it. And it was one of those things that added a lot of momentum to our deal.”

Matt Hardy then looked back at the All Out match and the horrifying moment where he was knocked out cold after taking a huge bump directly onto concrete. According to Hardy, it sucked at the time but there’s a reason they say wrestling isn’t ballet:

“And then just, you know, the deal, whenever we raised that forklift a little too high, and I didn’t get those tables moved back. And then I hit my head on the concrete and I got knocked out. I mean, it sucked. And it was rough.

“But it’s just, it’s also wrestling, like, sh*t happens, you know. So it’s just like, it’s not like it was some terrible tragedy that we like, made this terrible miscalculation about you know. There was some stuff that we could have done a little bit better. But I mean, sometimes that happens in wrestling. I mean, one thing about it, what we do isn’t normal human beings, slamming their, their vessels, their human bodies on wood and steel is not normal in the first place.

“So, there are things that are going to happen, and especially when you’re in a match like that, and you’re trying to take some chances to do stuff that is really spectacular and entertain the people, you know, it’s possible something can happen, and unfortunately, for me and us, you know, it went awry.

“You know, on that occasion, so it sucked, but just very happy I went and they made me stay in the hospital overnight because I’d already taken three tests they made me take a fourth and you know, there was nothing nothing wrong with me, no bleeding, no swelling, everything was absolutely normal, 100% And I took a few weeks off, you know, which just was the right thing to do and, and then came back and and was was good from everything, you know. So fortunately, I wasn’t hurt worse than I was.”

Matt Hardy recently has more reason to be cheerful in AEW after his brother Jeff Hardy made his long-awaited return to the company as he attempts to put his recent legal issues behind him.

h/t Inside The Ropes