Matt Cardona Reveals Storyline He Pitched Involving Hornswoggle

matt cardona pose

Matt Cardona, the former Zack Rider, had some interesting creative ideas when he was in WWE.

Cardona’s WWE career reached its peak in 2012 following an organic upswell in fan support off of his ‘Z True Long Island Story’ YouTube show. He was such a popular figure that it became impossible for WWE higher-ups to ignore him.

But his fortunes turned quickly and his push as a wrestling act wasn’t as sustained as he had hoped.

Yet despite being sent back down the card, Matt Cardona still tried to turn things back around by pitching ideas for WWE’s creative team.

Matt Cardona posted a thread on Twitter which contained detailed explanations of his creative ideas. One of them involved Hornswoggle becoming Zack Ryder’s “fellow broski” and the two would help each other out. Hornswoggle would help Ryder win matches, and Ryder would teach Hornswoggle to talk.

“Despite barely any television time, my YouTube show has over 4 million views and my T-shirt is one of the bestselling items on The numbers don’t lie. People want to see me. Here is an entertaining way to get me on TV.

Backstage on SmackDown I can approach Alicia Fox & Tamina. (Or any 2 divas) I can get to smooth talk one and when that doesn’t work, I’ll immediately start hitting on the other. Both want nothing to do with me, but I won’t take no for an answer. I’ll say something like, ‘Oh I get it. You only go on double dates. I’ll go find one of my Broskis.’ Later in the show, or the next week, I approach the Divas again and explain how I found my new Broski.

The divas look disgusted and the camera pans down to reveal Hornswoggle. He is clean shaven, hair spiked, wearing a headband, and wearing sunglasses. The divas storm off. I have found my new Broski… Mini Broski. In the following weeks, I can teach Hornswoggle how to talk, he can help me win matches, and we will ENTERTAIN..”

Matt Cardona has expressed interest in a WWE return, but only if he wrestles under his own name and not as Zack Ryder.