Matt Cardona Quotes Justin Bieber Song Regarding WWE Rumors

matt cardona pose

Matt Cardona is very aware of rumors about his potential WWE return, so he chose to mention a Justin Bieber song in reply to a question about it.

There have been numerous reports about the wrestling future of both Matt Cardona (former Zack Ryder in WWE) and his wife, Chelsea Green. It is believed that Chelsea is heading to WWE very soon after her Impact Wrestling run finished recently. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer said that Green returning to WWE has “been talked about as something that is happening.”

A report also stated that WWE’s Chief Content Officer Paul “Triple H” Levesque is a fan of what Cardona has done in the indies, so there is a belief that Triple H would be interested in bringing Cardona back.

It was about one month ago when Cardona made it very clear when he said that if WWE called, he would definitely listen to them. Cardona has also said recently that he would want to use his real name in WWE rather than go back to Zack Ryder.

During an interview with WrestlingNewsCo, Cardona didn’t answer if he had talks with WWE or plans to come back although he did have a few things to say.

“No. (He would not answer that). I’m the Internet Champion. Of course, I see what’s being talked about. Let the people talk. I’m a former tag team champion, former Intercontinental Champion, former United States champion. I do have some unfinished business. To quote Justin Bieber, never say never.”

As usual, Cardona was being cheeky with the “never say never” comment regarding Justin Bieber since many wrestlers over the years use that same phrase when asked certain questions.