Matt Cardona Responds To Deathmatch Wish Of WWE Hall Of Famer

matt cardona brown hat

Matt Cardona has some thoughts about facing a WWE Hall of Famer in a Deathmatch.

Ever since his WWE release in April 2020 ended his run as Zack Ryder in the company, Matt Cardona has thrived as the “King of the Indies” all over the world.

While Matt Cardona has said he is open to a WWE return if he got to use his real name, he is also happy doing what he’s doing in companies like GCW, NWA and other places.

The name of Matt Cardona was mentioned recently by WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley on his podcast when he said he wanted to do a Deathmatch type of match when he turns 60 in 2025.

“Sixty is right around the corner. I’m thinking of doing one final match for my 60th birthday. Death Match. I think it’d be a great incentive to drop those 100 big ones (pounds) and I think it might be fun.”

“I mean, it won’t be for everyone, and rightfully like, ‘That’s not good for you.’ It could help me lose 100 pounds. That’s what I’m missing. I did drop the hundred, but I had the WrestleMania thing. I was already down 50. I had Vince in my ear where I made the promise to him that I would be down 80, but I don’t have any type of incentive, so it’s something I’m throwing out there. This time next year, we might have to revisit that option.”

When asked what current wrestlers he might want to face in a match like that, Foley mentioned Cardona and AEW’s Jon Moxley.

“(Jon) Moxley or Matt Cardona. I think Moxley would be the easiest, but Matt has that heat in the death match world that could really make it something cool.”

Is Matt Cardona Interested In Facing Mick Foley?

As is usually the case in today’s world, the Foley comments made their way to Cardona likely through social media. On X/Twitter, Matt Cardona declared that if Mick Foley is going to have a Deathmatch then it should absolutely be against him.

If Mick Foley is really having one last match…and it’s a deathmatch…there is only person who should be his opponent…


As you can see below, Cardona has worn a jacket that says “F**K Mick Foley” on it in the past.