Massive AEW Earnings For 2022 Revealed

AEW Logo over roster

For such a small company compared to WWE, AEW still managed to have a highly lucrative 2022.

AEW launched in 2019 and marketed itself as an alternative in the American pro-wrestling market. Since then, the company has grown and grown, especially in terms of roster size.

Over time, some fans began wondering if AEW could handle signing so many people. Those concerns got more pronounced after Tony Khan announced that he had purchased Ring of Honor as well.

But according to a report by Bloomberg, there is no need for those concerns as AEW made plenty of money in 2022. Nothing on WWE’s level, but plenty of money nonetheless.

“All Elite Wrestling has proven itself to be immensely profitable, earning over $100 million in revenue for the first time in 2022 according to one source familiar with the company’s management.”

The biggest story in AEW in 2022 was the All Out post-show media scrum and the events that followed afterwards. CM Punk made scathing comments to the wrestling press while sitting next to Tony Khan, and those comments allegedly led to a major altercation backstage involving Punk, The Elite, and some backstage agents.

And while The Elite trio have all returned to AEW programming, CM Punk, who was considered by many fans and critics to be the company’s single-biggest draw, remains sidelined as he recovers from an injury sustained at All Out. His future with the company is unknown at this time.

h/t Inside The Ropes for the transcription