Maryse Announces She’s Tumor Free Following Surgery

The Miz & Maryse entrance

Maryse has some amazing news.

Back in February, Maryse lifted the lid on her lengthy health battle and revealed she had been diagnosed with Serous Borderline Tumors.

At the time the WWE star said she would be undergoing a hysterectomy in the coming weeks.

Thankfully, Maryse is now celebrating after being declared tumor-free. In a post on Instagram, the star broke down her recovery and thanked fans for their support.

As you know, 2 weeks ago I went in to surgery to have my ovaries/uterus/tubes/cervix/omentum removed. I also had staging (removal) of the lymph nodes in my abdomen to see if the disease had spread.

Pathology confirmed that it had not which is amazing news! More amazing news is that I am tumor free! The diagnosis did confirm that I had Primary Peritoneal Serous Borderline Tumors with involvement of ovaries/uterus/tubes!

Just to give you an idea of the rarity – 7 cases per million of women in the US per year! The fact that we not only found this but found this at this manageable stage is unbelievable and literally saved my life as this would have most likely been lethal.

Next, I will continue to rest following my surgery and then will follow up with specialists at MD Anderson in Houston.

I can never say thank you enough to my doctor @drthaisaliabadi and her team! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

I’m overwhelmed by the amount of support I’m getting from family, friends and fans all over the world! To all my women, please keep being your own advocate and trust yourself always!

When Did Maryse Last Wrestle In WWE?

Maryse initially signed with WWE in 2006 and went on to become a two-time Divas Champion before being released in 2011.

The star returned to the company in 2016 but has only wrestled sparingly since with the majority of her matches coming in mixed tag team matches with her husband The Miz. The last of these matches came at the 2022 Royal Rumble when the couple lost out to Edge and Beth Phoenix.

Everyone at TJRWrestling would like to wish Maryse a speedy recovery.