Marty Jannetty Accuses Dark Side Of The Ring Participant Of Lying

Marty Jannetty

Marty Jannetty wasn’t happy with one of the participants on his episode of Dark Side of the Ring but puts the issue down to “brain damage.”

Dark Side of the Ring has chronicled some of the most tragic and controversial topics in the history of professional wrestling, and on the August 8th finale of season 4, the show profiled former Intercontinental Champion Marty Jannetty.

One of the people interviewed for the episode was Karen Walker, who introduced herself as someone who’s been friends with Marty Jannetty for over 40 years. Her tales about the man were nothing short of wild, but according to Jannetty, they were also not true.

Speaking in a new interview with Tru Heel Heat Wrestling, Jannetty accused Walker of lying on the episode, but chalked her alleged tall tales up to brain damage.

“For the most part, everything was pretty positive. There was a couple of people who were like ‘who’s that Ozzy Osbourne looking girl sitting there obviously lying?’ She didn’t mean to, she has got some brain damage.”

“She’s Delusional” – Marty Jannetty On Dark Side of the Ring Participant Karen Walker

Continuing, Jannetty attempted to debunk some of the stories Walker told on the episode, explaining why they couldn’t be true.

“Outside of that, but it was hilarious to me too, she was saying, ‘Shawn pushed Marty out of the hotel window and he went through the window and he climbed back in,’ and we was on the fourth floor. Ain’t nobody falling out of the damn fourth floor. ‘He crawled back in and jumps on Shawn,’ she was saying it like she was there, she was never there. She lives in St. Louis, it was in Denver and of course everybody knows that.

“Then she had talked about a pill bottle spread on the floor that I was supposedly passed out over the pill bottle and Snuka and Shawn came and picked me up. The boys were like, ‘Nah that ain’t true, Snuka didn’t like Shawn. He wouldn’t be hanging out with him.’ Then she had the nerve to say, ’99% of what comes out of Marty’s mouth is not true.’ Well she still got me beat me, 100% of what she said is not true.

“She’s delusional, she was telling these stories like she was really there. She wasn’t, but in her mind she was, so can’t get mad at her. She was born that way.”

h/t Fightful