Martha Hart Not Surprised By Vince McMahon Allegations

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Martha Hart gives her reaction to the “absolutely horrific” allegations made against Vince McMahon.

Back in January, Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis, and WWE were hit by a lawsuit filed by former WWE employee Janel Grant. The lawsuit contains sickening allegations of sex trafficking and sexual assault, as well as other instances of abuse.

Although he denies any wrongdoing, McMahon resigned from his position on the board of the TKO Group.

The lawsuit has also brought back into the spotlight claims of historic sexual assault, and other instances of alleged misconduct.

Martha Hart — who has had her own legal fights with WWE and Vince McMahon, has now given her thoughts on the latest scandal to hit the billionaire. Speaking to NewsNation’s Ashleigh Banfield, Hart admitted she was initially hesitant to comment, but felt the allegations were too important to ignore.

“I was a little reluctant to come on but I thought it’s such an important topic that I just wanted to be able to contribute to that.

No, I was not surprised when I heard there was yet another lawsuit (against Vince McMahon & WWE). Over the years, the WWE, they’ve had many lawsuits and they’ve had a lot of bad press and I tell you, I read all of the 67 pages in that complaint and it is absolutely horrific and I have to say that the level of wickedness that’s described is beyond the pale in that complaint and anyone with a shred of humanity would find the indignant acts just incomprehensible, frankly.

So, it wasn’t a shock that there was another lawsuit but the level of, I guess, depravity there certainly was and I’m a doctor in mental health and I’m also the founder and director of the Owen Hart Foundation so no matter what hat I’m wearing, I always work with at-risk people and I can tell you that it’s the — anyone that takes advantage of a vulnerable person is the most despicable type of person because these are people that need to be supported and protected, not exploited and by Janel Grant’s own admission, she was a vulnerable person.

She was unemployed, her parents had passed away, she was suffering with grief and she was also just on the cusp of financial collapse. So these are all the makings of a very vulnerable person.”

Martha Hart Recalls Legal Battle With Vince McMahon

In the wake of Owen Hart’s death, Martha Hart filed a wrongful death lawsuit against WWE which was known as the WWF at the time. The suit was settled out of court for an estimated $18 million in 2000. Hart filed a second lawsuit in 2010 over the use of Owen’s name and image and family photos in WWE’s Hart & Soul documentary on top of failed royalty payments. Again, the suit was settled out of court.

When discussing these battles, Hart said WWE will do anything to protect itself.

“Well you know, I did go toe-to-toe twice with Vince McMahon, Linda McMahon and their company and it was a David and Goliath battle and I’ll tell you that it was a tooth and nail fight and they will stop at nothing to protect themselves for sure.

They run a billion-dollar company and in doing that, they’re able to, like a lot of big companies, they’re able to delay cases, they’re able to muddy the waters, they’re able to detract and take everything away from the case at hand and so in that sense, they can hire the best lawyers and they have that might on their side and a lot of times what happens with wealthy people, their wealth, they feel has no bounds and so then they have no boundaries and they feel that they can do anything and get away with anything.”

When asked if she had any advice for Grant, Hart urged her to “stay the course” and “don’t back down.”

With Vince McMahon gone from WWE, Jim Ross said he wouldn’t be surprised to see Owen Hart inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

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