Mark Henry Reveals Why He Wore Salmon Jacket During “Retirement” Promo

mark henry wwe raw salmon jacket

Mark Henry has provided some insight into his jacket choice during one of the most memorable moments of his legendary career.

During his legendary WWE Hall of Fame career, Mark Henry was known for a lot of things. He had earned the title of the “World’s Strongest Man” due to his incredible feats of strength. There was also the run as Sexual Chocolate early in his career, which included the infamous storyline where he impregnated Mae Young, who was in her 70s.

There was also his “Hall of Pain” run that would see Henry go from being a powerful 400-pounder with potential to a legitimate top guy that was a World Heavyweight Champion. While that three-month World Title reign in 2011 helped legitimize Henry in the eyes of a lot of fans, there was one promo that is remembered fondly.

On the June 17th, 2013 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw, the WWE Champion John Cena was in the ring when Mark Henry decided to join him. Henry was emotional as he was about to speak while wearing a salmon jacket with a tie.

Mark Henry told John Cena that he was on his way to being the greatest WWE Champion of all time. Henry spoke about how had a lot of success in his WWE career that started 17 years earlier, but he was going to formally retire from the active roster in WWE. The fans chanted “one more match” from Henry. At that point, Cena handed Henry the WWE Title to let the crowd cheer him.

As he continued, Henry talked about how his wife and kids will see him more often after he retires. At that point, Cena raised Henry’s hand and Henry dropped Cena with the World’s Strongest Slam! Henry shouted at Cena: “You think it’s that easy? I got a lot left in the tank!” Cena put the WWE Title back on Cena as he left the ring.

In a recent with Chris Van Vliet on YouTube, the World’s Strongest Man recalled why he wore a salmon jacket that day.

“Because I was feeling salmon that day. Like, I saw that jacket and I was like, that is my retirement jacket. There were blues and greens and different colors, but that one like, that’s the one, it chose me when I saw it. I was like chef’s kiss.”

Henry, who works for AEW now, was asked where the salmon jacket is now.

“That jacket now is being shipped to me. I put it on loan with WWE so they can do the exhibits at WrestleMania, and their different things but now it’s coming back to me. I’m going to set up my own exhibit.”

That attack by Mark Henry led to a 2013 Money in the Bank for the WWE Title against John Cena. It was won by Cena, but the promo was a lot more memorable than the match. Henry didn’t have a formal retirement match, but he last wrestled in 2018. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2018.

In May 2021 after 25 years with WWE, Mark Henry signed with AEW to work for them in a coaching role.

Thanks to Chris Van Vliet and his team for the transcript above.

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