Mark Briscoe Reflects On WWE Twitter Spat

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Mark Briscoe has done his best to explain himself following a recent outburst on social media.

There was a social media incident between AEW’s Mark Briscoe, who took umbrage with the WWE on Fox Twitter/X account doing a tweet where they called Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits “Dem Boys.”

Briscoe took exception to it because he and his late brother Jay Briscoe are a legendary ROH Tag Team who are Hall of Famers that used the “Dem Boys” phrase throughout their careers. While “Dem Boys” has been used in popular culture for decades in sports (for the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL), music and television, wrestling fans know about it because of the Briscoes. That led to Mark tweeting this.

“For real?? This sh*t is hilarious. @TripleH, whoever runs this twitter should probably be fired for lack of knowledge. Or they need the taste slapped out of their mouth for lack of reverence.”

The reality is that the WWE on Fox account is run by Fox and somebody who works for them. It’s not like WWE’s Triple H is in charge of that account.

Later, Mark Briscoe explained himself saying he was just missing his brother.

“Oh yea, thatsss why I quit posting on Twitter lol. Just logged back on…woww. Some of y’all are wild lol. I just miss my brother, that’s all, and I got a little in my feelings when I seen the Fox post. @tripleh, you ain’t gotta fire nobody, times is tough. Love y’all..take it light people #DemBoysForever”

While speaking at the ROH Final Battle media scrum, Mark Briscoe had a chance to explain what happened.

“I’m a human, man. I don’t get on Twitter that often, to be honest. We have a nice group text, the three of us, and Dax texted ‘Happy anniversary.’ One of my favorite matches of all time, that dog collar match. Somebody told me he made a post on Twitter. ‘That’s cool, let me check it out.’”

“On my phone, I can’t get on Twitter. I blocked it because sometimes, it’s not good for my brain. That social media is not too good for my brain. However, I get on Twitter on my wife’s phone, ain’t no problem. I get on there, I check out the post Dax made. ‘That’s good stuff.’ Made me feel warm inside. Next thing I know, I do a little scrolling and looking. I saw the tweet that I responded to that said ‘Dem Boyz’ with another tag team.”

“When I saw it, I thought it was made that very day. It was made two days prior. I thought it was made by somebody from the other company, or at least had to be approved from somebody from the other company. I thought, ‘Man, on the anniversary of this match that we had, they’re really going to do that? That’s kind of disrespectful. I can’t just keep silent. There’s only one Dem Boyz.’”

You can talk about the Dallas Cowboys and multiple songs in the hip hop genre. That’s all good. In professional wrestling, there is only one Dem Boyz. That’s Mark and Jay Briscoe. I had to let them know there only one Dem Boyz.”

Mark Briscoe Misses His Brother Jay Briscoe

As he continued, Mark Briscoe noted that he was emotional about the whole thing because he missed his late brother Jay Briscoe, who died in a car accident in January 2023. Mark went on to explain that he’s just an emotional human who made a mistake.

“I’ll tell you what happened. I posted what I posted, and then I didn’t look at Twitter for multiple hours. I went and picked up my son from his uncle’s house, and my wife was like, ‘You shouldn’t get on Twitter no more for that day.’ Okay, I wasn’t really planning on it, but now that you said that, I’m gonna. I looked and there was quite a bit of stuff that wasn’t very nice that some people were saying a bunch of things that I don’t think they would have said to my face.”

“At that point I realized, ‘Wow, this is getting a little out of hand.’ I made a second post and said, ‘that’s why I don’t post on Twitter much anymore. Some of ya’ll are wild. Let me be clear, this is where I’m coming from. My best friend, my brother, not being gone a year and I see this and it triggered me.’ I’m a human. We’re all human. Some people act like they don’t know what the next level from human is, but they act one level higher than human and they don’t make mistakes.”

“Let me at least explain to these people what I’m feeling. It’s hard. Faith in God is what gets me through. I truly believe my brother is in a better place and he’s doing better than me. He doesn’t have to worry about no bills, none of that bulls**t. Dumbass Twitter posts. He’s doing good.”

“It’s tough. First holiday season, first Christmas without him. I’m trying my best to hold it together for the family. His wife and kids, mom and dad, sister. Tonight was therapy out there. Nothing like it. It’s not easy and we’re adjusting to this new normal. If anybody in the professional wrestling world is going to call themselves Dem Boyz, I’m going to come at you [laughs]. I don’t care who you are. There’s only one Dem Boyz and that’s the Briscoe Brothers, damn it.”

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