NXT Star Believes Mandy Rose Has Better Running Knee Than Kenny Omega

mandy rose knee nxt

Mandy Rose delivers a great running knee during her matches and a fellow NXT superstar believes that she does the move better than Kenny Omega.

In today’s world of pro wrestling, a lot of wrestlers use similar moves, many of which are strikes. It would be hard to watch a wrestling show in 2022 without seeing somebody doing a superkick, a German Suplex, a suicide dive to the floor, and even a running knee.

The current NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose, who celebrated 400 days as champion earlier this week, often times using the running knee as a finishing move that’s appropriately named the Kiss From a Rose. When she does the move, Rose uses her right knee and hits her opponent in the head with it.

Another wrestler known for delivering that running knee is former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega. When Omega does the move, it’s called a V-Trigger as he runs full speed ahead to deliver the knee to the head. While Omega has won matches with the V-Trigger, his name finishing move is the One Winged Angel slam that he does off his shoulders while slamming his opponents to the mat.

Edris Enofe is a WWE NXT superstar with a lot of potential as he continues teaming up with Malik Blade. Enofe did a quote tweet in reply to a clip of Rose doing the running knee attack during a six-woman tag team match on the November 29th edition of NXT. Enofe congratulated Rose on her championship reign while also saying she did the move better than Kenny in reference to Omega.

Congrats to @WWE_MandyRose on 400 days as champ! πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ Reminder that she hits this move better than Kenny, and I’m dead serious.

The next WWE NXT Premium Live Event is called Deadline on December 10. Rose is currently not scheduled to defend her title at that show.