Mandy Rose To Be Interviewed On National TV This Week

Mandy Rose

It has been announced by Mandy Rose that she’ll be interviewed on national television this week to talk about her career.

The December 13th, 2022 edition of WWE NXT was the last time that WWE fans saw Mandy Rose in the wrestling ring. That was the night when Mandy’s 413-day reign as the NXT Women’s Champion came to an end when Roxanne Perez defeated her.

It was a day later when there was shocking news because WWE released Rose. The reason for her release is because she had a subscription service that is against WWE policy because it featured explicit content.

Since then, it was announced by FanTime, which is where Mandy’s fan site is, that the former NXT Women’s Champion made over $1 million in the month of December 2022 alone.

The money made from the subscription is more than just monthly sign-ups, but they also have more exclusive content that fans can pay to see even more of the busty bombshell. It is likely that part of that $1 million goes to the website itself, but it’s still a significant amount of money for Rose, who was reportedly still earning WWE main roster money while in NXT.

While Rose has been active on social media, especially Instagram, since her WWE release, she really hasn’t spoken much about it or what her future plans in wrestling might be. Rose likely has a 90-day no-compete clause as part of her WWE release, so she probably won’t be able to appear on any televised wrestling shows until early March.

On Twitter, Rose shared the announcement that she’ll be interviewed on the Tamron Hall show, which airs on syndicated television.