Major WWE Tyson Fury Plans Could Be Scrapped Due To Mob Boss Links

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It would seem that WWE had some pretty big plans for Tyson Fury in 2023, however they could be scuppered due to immigration issues.

Whenever Tyson Fury has appeared in WWE in the past, it has created the media circle you come to expect from a World Heavyweight Boxing Champion.

‘The Gypsy King’ was victorious when he made his in-ring debut at Crown Jewel 2019 against Braun Strowman, and also made a surprise appearance to close out Clash At The Castle in Cardiff, Wales earlier this year.

However, The US Sun is now claiming that WWE had plans to involve Tyson Fury at next year’s Royal Rumble and WrestleMania, however links to a mob boss have led to immigration issues which may cause the plans to be scrapped. The mob boss in question is Irish mob boss Daniel Kinahan. It’s apparently also the reason why Tyson’s brother Tommy is unable to fight in the US.

The report also has a quote from an insider which says that the ball is in Fury’s court to get everything resolved.

Tyson is well loved at the WWE and him popping up in any match and a run to Wrestlemania would generate huge headlines and fan interest. However, his immigration status is proving tricky to deal with.

Tyson and the legal team are getting this whole grey and tricky area resolved. But non-entry, quite simply put, means non-payment. People may not believe this but turning up for a match or being part of the shows, not even fighting, earns him several million dollars. So this issue with his working visa in the States is costing him a large amount of cash.

The WWE works with foreign athletes all the time in aiding their visa processing for appearances. The legal team are on the sidelines offering support in this matter, but ultimately getting approval is on Tyson’s head and how US immigration assesses his case.

Triple H is said to be a big fan of Tyson Fury, however it seems as if a push for ‘The Gypsy King’ may be a decision taken out of his hands.