Major WWE Star Facing Travel Ban

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A big name in WWE is facing an unusual travel ban that will prevent appearances at some major shows.

GUNTHER has been the WWE Intercontinental Champion since June 2022. It’s been a 500+ day title reign after GUNTHER shattered The Honky Tonk Man’s record in September.

It has been reported by Krone that GUNTHER “is not allowed to leave the USA due to strict residency regulations. During this time, he is only allowed to perform within the United States.” It was also noted in the story that GUNTHER only saw his wife Jinny for six days in October.

The good news for GUNTHER is that most WWE shows are based in the USA, so he’ll likely remain heavily involved on television as one of the biggest names on Raw.

There is some bad news because the six-month travel restriction will mean that GUNTHER won’t be able to travel to Australia for the massive WWE Elimination Chamber event on February 24, 2024.

Who Will GUNTHER Face For The WWE Intercontinental Title Next?

On the October 30th edition of WWE Raw, it was announced that GUNTHER will defend the Intercontinental Title against the winner of a huge Fatal 4-Way match taking place on November 6th.

That match will see Ricochet, The Miz, “Big” Bronson Reed, and Ivar do battle for the right to face the champion. GUNTHER and The Miz had an interesting interaction on Raw that appeared to turn The Miz into a babyface. Following the segment, The Miz declared that he would be the man to take the Intercontinental Title off GUNTHER.

The Miz is a former 8-time Intercontinental Title Champion (second most of all time) while Ricochet is also a former IC Champion. Reed and Ivar have yet to win singles gold on the WWE main roster.