Major WWE NXT Star Heading To Main Roster (Potential Spoiler)

WWE logo over blurred NXT women's battle royal

A top star from WWE’s NXT brand could be heading to the main roster very soon.

Whenever World Wrestling Entertainment does Royal Rumble matches, one of the things that fans like to see the most are the surprise entrants. Since WWE has cut back on using legends for the matches, the surprises tend to be NXT wrestlers who get to interact with the stars of Raw & Smackdown.

In the Women’s WWE Royal Rumble match, NXT stars Roxanne Perez and Tiffany Stratton were in the Rumble match. Both women are former NXT Women’s Champions as well. Stratton entered the match at #28, she lasted 6:52 and Stratton also eliminated Perez from the match.

Perhaps most impressively, Stratton was among the final five women in the Royal Rumble match before being eliminated at the same time as Bianca Belair.

It has since been reported by PWInsider Elite that there have been pitches for Stratton to join the WWE main roster following her impressive showing in the Women’s Rumble match. Those discussions have led to some people wanting Stratton to be on the main roster.

Tiffany Stratton To Be At WWE SmackDown

The story from PWI Elite also noted that Stratton is expected to be at the February 2nd Smackdown in Birmingham, Alabama. That doesn’t mean it’s an official main roster call up since many NXT wrestlers appear in dark matches or go to main roster shows without making a main roster debut.

The NXT brand has its Vengeance Day PLE this Sunday, February 4th and Stratton doesn’t have a match on the show.

Earlier this week, Stratton appeared with boyfriend Ludwig Kaiser (who is on WWE Raw as part of Imperium) at the red carpet premiere of the Love & WWE show starring Bianca Belair and Montez Ford. The couple has been dating for several months.