Major Update On Whether Jon Moxley Can Still Work Independent Shows

Jon Moxley makes his entrance as AEW World Champion on AEW Dynamite 2022

A new report has shed light on whether or not Jon Moxley is allowed to work independent shows, per the terms of his new AEW contract.

Jon Moxley is still All Elite, but that won’t restrict his work outwith AEW.

This comes via Dave Meltzer in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, who notes that the three-time AEW World Champion will still be allowed to work independent shows. This is contrary to what was initially reported when Moxley signed his new AEW deal, as announced on 7 October:

“One thing notable in the AEW press release was saying that Moxley would be working exclusively for AEW and New Japan. Some read that as saying he would not be doing anymore independent shows. During the negotiations, Moxley wanted a deal to continue to do independent shows while [Tony] Khan wanted him to no longer do them. In time, they agreed to it but Moxley will likely be doing far fewer shows, but like before, Khan has to approve them but in the past he didn’t turn them down.

But Moxley has decided to change how he does them. Moxley noted that with the AEW schedule being as it is, he has time to do independent shows on weekends and he likes doing them. But part of the deal is to take care of his health, and stay away from the alcohol issues and other issues he has had which means no longer balls to the walls with the mentality that if he’s hurting, he going to wrestle, unless the injuries are so bad he simply can’t, and then use alcohol to wash away the pain and keep going as he did in his prior life.”

Dave Meltzer elaborated, explaining how Jon Moxley expects to continue performing on the independent circuit, but only on a surprise appearance basis:

“Because of this, he expects to do indies when he wants to, but will not be advertised on those shows or have shows built around him as the drawing card. Moxley was by far the biggest drawing card on the indie scene but of late had cut back to only doing shows with promotions that he likes. His feeling is that if he is advertised to be on a show, he won’t want to pull out of the show if hurting, or if he just feels like spending a weekend with his family because of the commitment.

He said he’s looking at the idea of if he feels good and wants to wrestle, he will come to a show as a surprise, show up the day of, comparing it to a famous comedian that shows up at a small club with no notice just to either have fun or try out new material. Both sides have agreed to the deal based on lengthening the longevity of his career while keeping him as healthy as a main event wrestler who does very hard physical matches can stay.”

Since departing WWE in 2019, Jon Moxley has worked a number of independent promotions outside of AEW and NJPW, with Game Changer Wrestling the most notable. He recently dropped the GCW World Championship to Nick Gage during their Fight Club card, albeit following the interference of AEW’s W. Morrissey.

Now in his third stint as AEW World Champion, Mox is expected to defend the title against Casino Ladder match winner MJF at Full Gear on 19 November.