Looking Back At The Top WWE WrestleMania Moments

Daniel Bryan WWE WrestleMania 30

Sports have always been intended to entertain, and no professional sport on the globe dedicates itself so fully to entertainment as professional wrestling. In this world of electrifying performances and larger-than-life personalities, no organisation has wowed so many viewers and captured so many hearts as the WWE.

While the WWE brims with jaw-dropping feats and unforgettable wins, there are certain moments in the sport that have wowed millions and left an indelible mark on the sport. These emotional highs and lows are a key part of the heart-pounding action that defines the sheer spectacle of the WWE, and in this article, we’ll highlight the most thrilling and revolutionary moments in its history.

At the height of the Golden Era, WWE was dominated by some of the most iconic and memorable names of the sport, and it’s these personalities that propelled the WWE into its renaissance, bringing professional wrestling hurtling into the mainstream consciousness.

One of those keystone fights was the WrestleMania III match between Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant. This 1987 match was the epitome of the thrilling, unrestrained world of professional wrestling, and included a moment that’s etched into the annals of wrestling history. No wrestling fan can forget the moment when Hulk Hogan hoisted the mammoth Andre over his head, and in a dazzling spectacle, slammed him into the canvas. It was this fight that marked both WrestleMania as a cultural phenomenon and Hulk Hogan as a WWE legend.

WrestleMania showed its teeth again in 2014 when Daniel Bryan declared his intentions to seize the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. In a story like so many others that give the WWE its rich narrative, Bryan strode into WrestleMania XXX with insurmountable odds stacked against him.

Like many matches, bettors lined up to pitch their lots on how the fan favourite would fare against giants like Randy Orton and Batista – and many of those leveraging betting sign up bonuses to show their faith in the scrappy underdog had their dedication pay off Daniel Bryan stormed the ring, backed by his fans’ “Yes!” movement that catapulted him onto the mainstage, and through a feat of perseverance and willpower, beat down his competitors to secure a victory for the ages, launching an emotional celebration that fans will never forget.

It’s in stark contrast to the edge and scheming of the Attitude era of the late 1990s and early 2000s, but it’s this era that delivered some of the most thrilling moments of the sport’s history. Where Hulk Hogan and his ilk paved the way with greatness, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock showed the WWE’s grit. None of the fierce competition was as memorable as the unlikely rivalry between Stone Cold and Vince McMahon. This rebellion was overflowing with unforgettable confrontations and shocking plot twists.

It was a narrative that seized the imaginations of millions and it cemented the WWE not just as a spectacle, but a story as well. Vince McMahon was embroiled in more subterfuge and scheming than just his rivalry with Stone Cold. The Montreal Screwjob was an unforgettable moment for fans, in a cloak-and-dagger double cross that McMahon orchestrated along with Triple H and Shawn Michaels to pound Bret Hart into the dust after he announced his defection to WCW. It turned into an all-out spitting match, with Hart attacking the WWE chairman and defining the beginning of the renowned Attitude Era.

When talking about the top moments in WWE history, there’s one name that can’t help but trip off the tongue. The Undertaker is a figure of legend in wrestling lore. Draped in an air of spine-chilling mystique, the Deadman reigned supreme on WWE’s grand stage for over two decades. The Undertaker ravaged the WWE’s lineup of superstars, dropping them in matches drenched in tension and drama until it seemed as if no one could stop his rampage through the cast. That is, until Brock Lesnar swaggered into the ring, and in a fight that will stick with fans for generations, dropped The Undertaker and sent shockwaves through the wrestling world.

Many wrestling icons have gone on to soar beyond the ring to take mainstream Hollywood by storm. Chief among those is John Cena, and it’s no wonder, given his heartfelt performances and titanic personality that cemented him in the hearts of millions of fans. Cena was a superstar straight out of his electrifying 2002 debut, and he rocketed straight to his first WWE championship in WrestleMania XXI. Cena would occupy centre stage for more than a decade and brought some truly iconic moments to the WWE stage.

His catchphrase “You can’t see me” is still a touchstone for fans, and there’s no doubt that he’ll continue to inspire for generations to come. Not all of the best moments in WWE history are limited to the ring – as an organisation, WWE has made strong moves across the wrestling landscape, none more controversial than the acquisition of rival promotion WCW in 2001. This brought to a close a bitter rivalry, and with this move, WWE became the dominant force in professional wrestling.