Longtime WWE & AEW Veteran Retiring “Imminently”

AEW Logo over roster

Veteran costume designer Sandra Gray is officially retiring after decades of making wrestling gear for some of the top stars in the industry.

Gray began her foray into the world of making wrestling gear back in 1994 when Sable approached her to make gear for her then-boyfriend Marc Mero. The gear helped establish his Johnny B. Badd character in WCW, and after positive word of mouth about her skills, became a fixture in the world of gearmaking. She was eventually signed to an exclusive WCW contract and began working with WWE when they acquired WCW in 2001.

During her time in WWE, Gray was often featured on the reality show Total Divas as she made gear for the likes of Nikki Bella and Trinity Fatu, known then as Naomi. Other clients of hers involve Cody Rhodes, Jade Cargill, and Dolph Ziggler.

Gray parted ways with WWE in 2015, and Brandi Rhodes was instrumental in helping sign her to AEW when the company first formed in 2019. Now, according to a new report from Fightful Select, she’s set to retire from the company “imminently.” The report notes that even though she’s retiring from fulltime gearmaking she’ll continue making gear for Cody Rhodes as she has done for a number of years.

Gray is also the seamstress behind Penelope Ford’s wedding dress for her on-screen wedding to Kip Sabian in February of 2021.

Everyone at sends our best wishes to Sandra Gray in her retirement.