Logan Paul Gives Staggering Gift After WWE WrestleMania 40

Logan Paul

Logan Paul headed into his third WrestleMania as a WWE Superstar as he put his US Title on the line against both Kevin Owens and Randy Orton.

Paul is now 2-1 at WrestleMania as he managed to pull off an unlikely win at WrestleMania 40 as he battled both Randy Orton and Kevin Owens in a Triple Threat match. Paul’s Prime was an ever-present feature on the show as the drink took centre-stage in the ring with WWE giving up the advertising rights to its canvas.

As previously has happened in Logan Paul matches, he came to the ring accompanied by a grown man dressed as a bottle of blue Prime. That bottle of Prime played into the finish of the match as it turned out to be streamer iShowSpeed who stopped Randy Orton from picking up the win.

In one of the dumbest decisions in WrestleMania history, iShowSpeed then barked in Orton’s face while repeatedly dropping f-bombs clearly caught on camera. Randy Orton showed great restraint before kicking the streamer to the floor and nailing him with a nasty RKO on the announce table.

Logan Paul Repays iShowSpeed For WrestleMania RKO

Now it’s been revealed on social media that Logan Paul has repaid his friend for his help and as a thank you for taking the RKO, iShowSpeed has been rewarded with a Cyber Truck. Who knows what Paul would have given iShowSpeed if he had taken an Orton punt to the head, alas we may never get to find out.

Logan Paul revealed the location for the 2024 edition of SummerSlam as WWE’s biggest party of the summer heads to his hometown.