Logan Paul Originally Pitched Viral WWE Spot In 2023

Logan Paul

Logan Paul wants to keep pushing WWE boundaries.

Despite wrestling just 12 matches ahead of his match with Cody Rhodes, Logan Paul challenged for the World Championship for the second time at King & Queen of the Ring.

Once again, as has become a theme since he first stepped into the ring at WrestleMania 38, Paul earned a great deal of praise for his performance, pushing Rhodes all the way.

The United States Champion felled Rhodes with brass knuckles despite pending not to, hit a huge Frog Splash through the announce table, and another in the ring, but ultimately it wasn’t enough. The American Nightmare reeled off three Cross Rhodes in a row to grab victory.

Logan Paul Pitched Drone Ideal In 2023

While Paul might have lost the match, once the action was over, everyone was talking about his Frog Splash from the top rope through the announce table. The spot was given a unique look by WWE’s production team as a drone circled Paul and captured his monster dive onto Rhodes.

In a screenshot posted on social media, Paul revealed he’s actually pitched using a drone in early 2023.

I think there’s a crazy cool opportunity to hire an FPV drone flyer…

Just another cool way to capture a Frog Splash that has never been done before. Creatively pushing media boundaries,”

Although he’s still the United States Champion, there’s no word on when Logan Paul will be back in the ring.