Logan Paul Knocks Out Seth Rollins On WWE Raw

Logan Paul

Seth Rollins has major issues with Logan Paul and on Monday Night Raw, he got his wish to come face-to-face with the star but it was Paul that had the last laugh.

Logan Paul returned unannounced to WWE for the first time since Crown Jewel in 2022 in the men’s Royal Rumble match and found an enemy for himself by eliminating Seth Rollins from the bout. Paul was not done there however as Paul took out Rollins again at the Elimination Chamber, costing him the United States Championship in the process.

Rollins had previously used The Miz’s phone to call Logan Paul and invite him to Raw in Boston so the two men could go face-to-face.

On the 6th of March edition of Raw, The Miz – who will host WrestleMania 39 – vowed to act as a mediator between the two men but of course, things quickly got out of control.

After going back and forth on the microphone, Seth Rollins got down to brass tacks, challenging Paul to a fight only to be told that the social media star doesn’t fight for free. The Miz insinuated he could make a match for WrestleMania before he was dispatched from the ring by Seth Rollins.

The distraction caused Logan Paul to pounce but he missed a stomp on Rollins but as The Miz got involved, Rollins ended up walking into a huge right hand from Paul as WWE continue to play up his “boxing” background. A match between Seth Rollins and Logan Paul for WrestleMania 39 was made official later in the show.